Nena Malo Paisajismo

About me





To show the space around me, to feel and take into account all the elements, both the external ones and the place’s own and structural elements, in order to come up with a lively, unique and personal space is and has always been the aim of every new project.

Landscape architecture has inspired me to truly feel a space in each of its dimensions. Elements of vegetation, volume, density, heights, the creation of living spaces, the contrast between light and dark, the surprise and uncertainty felt when visiting a place, as well as momentary perspective in each look – all of the above define the way we look at a space.

Materials, elements and time are my eternal tools for each space. Metal, water, the land’s movement, and reflections are my main tools and inspiration which appear in each of my projects.

The beauty of nature lies in the ability to create emotions, to disguise them as seasons, to create the brief artifice of a flower, to keep the elements continuously changing, to double spaces and to reach a balance between what is shown and what is yet to be discovered. After all, a place shaped by the hand of an artist aims at creating the hidden harmony where everything fits together.

Since I was a child, I always felt the need to capture every image, every moment, every life experience. Capture the memory of that color, of that smell, of that moment. Capture each expression, each moment, each feeling. Capture the beauty of imperfection, the beauty of everyday, the beauty of life… and make them mine forever.  

Taking pictures has always been my passion and through my work I would love to share everything I see through the lens of my camera, or maybe what I see from the bottom of my heart, and share every moment and every sunrise.

I would love to keep learning from this art, the endless interpretation of each look and all amazing moments life gives us. I would love to make people feel the thousand feelings an image with intention can cause and make them discover every hint a picture has depending on the person that looks at it.